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Sat 13th July - Away: HWRD 170 vs Hellfire Harlots 138

Sat 7th Sept - Home: HWRD vs Middlesbrough Milk Rollers

We know it's a while away but it's still exciting!  For the first time ever we'll be face to face with the undisputed north eastern ferocious Middlesbrough Milk Rollers in a full bout.  We've met the Rollers on numerous occasions - Great Yorkshire Showdown back in 2012 and various mixed team bouts.  This time it's just one on one, there's gonna be a lot of blood, sweat and tears though this bout and you'd better be there, right on the edge of your seat for this bout.


Tickets are already on sale through Paypal or your local Hottie - GO BUY NOW!

Advance tickets £5.00, on the door £6.00, under 16's free


Saturday 7th September 2013 - 3:15pm

North Bridge Leisure Centre, North Bridge, HX3 6TE Halifax, West Yorkshire

Sat 16th Aug - Be A Hottie: a Recruitment Drive for a Hot Wheel B Team

Hot Wheel are hosting an open day for all potential new recruits to get a taster of what it's like to be one of us!


We'll lend you the kit to get started, all we ask is you turn up in comfortable work-out clothes, with a bottle of water and oodles of enthusiasm!


Entry and kit hire is totally free of charge.


Please arrive at 10.45 so we can get you kitted up and ready for the session to start.

Garforth Squash and Leisure Centre

LS25 1NX Leeds, United Kingdom


What a scorcher of a day for both teams, with four lead changes this bout was anyone’s game.  The Harlots started out strong holding our jammers back, but after a couple of jams, the Hotties regrouped and refocused bringing us into the lead where we held it until close to the end of the first half. A few power jams to the Harlots and then they were lead.  

The second half was a nail biter, scores were close and lead switched a few more times but with power jams against the Harlots, the Hotties took advantage of this and just kept going until the final whistle!  Final score Harlots 138 Hot Wheel 170!  


Thank you to all those who came to support and thank you to the Hellfire Harlots for hosting an amazing day.

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Sat 14th Dec - Away: HWRD 169 vs Dublin Roller Derby 146

It's been away since we travelled far far away to play...This time we travelled over to our friendly Irish neighbours to bout Dublin Roller Derby.  The Hotties always get excited when we get to go play away games because sometimes we leave the country to play roller derby!

Tremendous weekend of travelling, meeting new skaters, a couple of our Hotties even debuted their first ever bout in the warm up bout.  That aside our A Team Hotties were there to play a tough bout against Dublin Roller Derby - OH MY GOSH, this was a tough bout! TWO LEAD CHANGES - we were up during this first half but DRD bagged themselves a few good power jams pushing them up by the half time whistle putting the scores at HW 72 and DRD at 76.  Time for the hotties to change game play - taking the line up front rather than the back we got our heads together and with a few more power jams BOOM! We were in the lead, with DRD jammer sent to the penalty box Ruthless Philly took advantage and went round and round and round until the final whistle went.  Final scores were Hot Wheel 169 to Dublin 146!


We'd like to thank Dublin Roller Derby for hosting an amazing event, weekend and we hope see you next year for a rematch.